You could get bettery battery life by using an e model with integrated graphics, brightness all the way down and wi-fi off — but what fun is that? Dell has made improving support a priority of late and you can only imagine the challenge of supporting thousands of customers buying what might be their first laptop and all the issues with meeting a new customers satisfaction and expectations. Larger-than-Life Viewing The Inspiron E offers an incredible viewing experience featuring an optional inch widescreen UXGA display that gives you enough space to run applications side-by-side with incredible detail. The screen is very bright, you can select between 7-levels of brightness. It quickly became clear that the e was the cheapest DVI option, at least when all other components were taken into account.

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The WXGA resolution will provide larger text and an easier time reading documents and web pages. Multitasking on the Move The Core Duo processor leverages two execution cores on a single chip to help increase your PC’s ability to run multiple applications smoothly with fewer hiccups.

Notebook Time Dell Inspiron e 2. Bright screen for it’s age,real good angularity too.

However, the UXGA resolution means the text and icons will be very small, those people that have poor sight or dislike small text would be wise to think twice about selecting UXGA.

The sound quality does deteoriate insipron loudness increases — more static and sound distortion becomes apparent at the loudest level.

Input devices were an area of concern prior to purchase. This is Windows XP Home Service Pack 2 inspirno a lot of software features added on top to allow for such things as seamless integration with a TV tuner and recording of TV, organizing movies and pictures and the ability to easily synch content with external Windows based media devices.


The computer arrived only five days after I ordered it, a couple of weeks earlier than the date projected on the website; and… I cancelled my first order after deciding to go with an improved configuration, which proved to be relatively painless, even if I was encouraged somewhat aggressively to place my second order before confirmation of the cancellation came through. All Dell notebooks standardize on this antenna location. The first time using takes a little bit of time for setup, but subsequent uses of Media Direct will mean you can get to playing media files in around seconds and not the usual 30 — 45 seconds it takes Windows to boot.

Dell e keyboard and touchpad view larger image. What I want more than anything from a computer is comfortable usability, which boils down to input devices, display and performance. With the computer off, one press of the MediaDirect button will allow users to play videos, music or photo slide shows stored on the hard drive, optical drive, a USB key or from the integrated 5-in-1 media card without starting Windows!

Below are the results gained from running Super Pi ftp: If you have zero interest in TV on your notebook and are use other software to organize your media files, then just go with Windows Home. The website to start from if you need support for your Dell Inspiron notebook is found here: Below is a graph generated from running HDTune on the e, a hard drive benchmarking application:.

It quickly became clear that the e was the cheapest DVI option, at s1705 when all other components were taken into account.

Dell E 17in. Notebook/Laptop – Customized | eBay

Sound The built-in sound is actually pretty good for a notebook. The e is better than expected and quite a bargain for a powerful desktop replacement notebook.


If you were playing a DVD and had wi-fi battery life would likely fall to around 2 hours. HP Pavilion Gaming Inspiiron Further considerations plagued me, however, before I finally hit the order-submit button on the Dell website:.

Dell Inspiron E Product Details | Dell

Whether it withstands the test of time remains to be seen. Technical support is offered via chat, email, Dell. Dell Inspiron e under side view view larger image. This particular e has no dead pixels, and my only complaint is what seems like some very minor unevenness in the backlighting, inspirno about two inches left of the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

The keyboard keys are pushed back quite a bit from the front of the notebook and I can see that those people who have wrist problems might struggle with having simply no way to tilt the wrists. I was leary of the unit due to it’s age, but if you get a good one, it is a fine machine. I own three of these. Pump up the volume with the Inspiron E’s built-in speakers and subwoofer, which offer stunning integrated audio for music, movies, games and other applications that use sound.

Dell Inspiron e1705 Review (pics, specs)

However, if you start pushing the notebook and playing 3D games, video encoding, or even ripping CDs things start to get warm. Good machine, if you have no video problems.

Consistent with the real-world test are the results from running Super PI to the standard 2 million digits of accuracy:.