Any thoughts or has this happened to you? My understanding is that Caseta dimmers and switches only speak Caseta protocol and that is the issue. My apologies for not knowing, but how do I set compatibility mode? MattN4 , Dec 12, How do you access the interface, web serer on port x? Some plugin are on GitHub and some are download files from the Indigo forum hosting software?

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Thanks everyone for your help! So, a couple of questions: It worked on the 2nd try.

Main repeater with hybrid keypad—replace a light switch and control that load. Does anyone have any experience getting their RR2 to work remotely?

DylanS2Aug 2, To be clear, just because a Lutron product employs Lutronn Connect does not necessarily mean it is compatible with other Clear Connect devices. I’ll report back once I’ve had a chance to see. Users browsing this forum: Greg Simmons and partner have sold their Las Vegas security and home-automation…. Lutron RadioRA 2 and Caseta plugin.


Issues accessing Lutron RadioRa2 Remotely – Ubiquiti Networks Community

Thanks for the quick reply! Some plugin are on GitHub and some are download files from the Indigo networj hosting software? Audio Intersection nixes the high-voltage cable in this Elan smart home, running…. Any updates on this issue?

Top Solution Authors Leaderboard. This article says no ports need to be forwarded but Hi, It works fine now.

Lutron RadioRA 2 System Overview

And Lutron is showing a spectacular new keypad design, modeled after its Vierti dimmers below. Thanks for the response. Two new sensors are available for RadioRa 2: Are you sure you have all of the required ports open?

Follow Julie on social media: I tried but can’t get it to reproduce those results. Works perfectly if it’s connected through an ethernet adapter but won’t work on wifi.

Unfortunately that did not resolve the issue. No port forwarding is required to use remote access.


Home Automation

Any way that the Informational messages could be filtered to only when the state value actually changes? Hyperion Solar Adaptive Shading — Provides complete control of window radira based on the position of the sun. How do you access the interface, web serer on port x? Who Are Your Target Customers?

luteon RadioRa 2 is a life saver for countless CE pros who install Lutron products. Posted on Sun Dec 31, 9: Put in the Network Socket info and it started working?!?

I assume the same thing will happen with Radio RA2 Select except you really don’t need any training since it is all app based. Hopefully it does and it resolves my issue.